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World Environment Day - 5th June

Looking after the environment and being sustainable in the way we work is incredibly important. Here at Braintree Village, we are committed to make changes which reduce our impact on the environment, and we are constantly looking at improving the way we work, with this end goal in mind.

Here are just a few of the ways that we have already started to make a difference:

100% of the electricity purchased by Braintree Village is renewable, coming from sources such as wind and solar (it powers the majority of retailers, public lighting, lifts, escalators, car parks etc).

15% of the gas purchased by Braintree Village is biogas.

Last year we recycled 65% of all the waste produced on site and we make sure none is sent to landfill.

6 of our retailers are signed up to our Refill Me campaign, offering you free refills of water with no need to make a purchase.