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Regatta indoor camping

What to do when Kids can’t go outside

If you’re looking for things to do for the little ones while we are all stuck inside, read top tips from our friends at Regatta on bringing the outdoors in! Being stuck inside the house doesn't mean your children can’t enjoy an outdoors-style adventure. Why not encourage them to set up camp in the living room or their bedroom, read on for essential camping indoors ideas.

Set up camp

If you have a pop-up tent or one of the smaller weekend-style tents why not put this up indoors? Instead of pegs you could simply use books or other weights to keep the tent in place. Many tents will stay up of their own accord, especially in the wind-free indoors!

Make a Fort tent out of your chairs

This is an easy indoor den to make if you don’t have access to a tent. A classic fort tent can be made by pushing together dining room chairs and adding a large duvet or throw over the top. Place the chairs facing forward, throw over the duvet and let it hang down. Don’t forget to add pillows or cushions to make it as cosy as possible.

Make a tent out of your table

Find a large duvet, throw or tablecloth that can be thrown over a table to create a simple table tent. This den is super easy to create, just don’t forget to take it down when dinners ready!

Add the furnishings

Kids love to play house so let them play tents. They will enjoy furnishing the inside of their camp with pillows, cushions, fleecy blankets and all sorts of cosy items.

Pack your bag

Give the kids a rucksack each and a few camping essentials, such as snacks, drinks, a torch and paper plates and plastic cutlery. Let them choose playthings to add to the rucksack, such as soft toys, paper and pens and games. They will want to have lots to do while inside their den or tent – and playing at camping is hungry and thirsty work.

Dress the part

An outdoors jacket or clean walking boots will make kids feel like they are living the real adventure. Let them walk a trail around the house. Perhaps they could borrow walking poles for climbing the stairs or dress up in your waterproof trousers or gaiters so that they feel like they are outdoors grown ups.

Look for an adventure

Give the kids a camera or binoculars and challenge them to seek out “wildlife” indoors. Maybe they will find a lesser-spotted teddy bear, a lion or an excitable, tail-wagging dingo. Real wildlife can be seen from the window or tell them that the adventure could be taken into the garden for some bug hunting. If it’s at night, look out the window for stars or the moon. They can record their finds in written or photographic form later on.

Set a treasure trail

Lay out a treasure hunt with questions, answers and treats throughout the house. You could even get them to navigate by steps and compass to find the treasure. Or draw a treasure trail map with clues.

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