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Bill’s x Patch Plants | Top tips for keeping happy healthy houseplants

Bill’s are known for decorating their restaurants with lots of interesting plants and foliage, and since working around nature is one of the best ways to improve productivity and creativity, Bill’s have asked their friends at Patch for some tips and tricks for keeping houseplants alive and well!

When first beginning, you always have to consider your plant’s natural environment before jumping into a care routine. For example, a desert plant like a cactus will require more sun and less water than a fern, native to shady and humid tropics.

What are the basic care tips for novices?

  1. Invest in high-quality plants. There’s a big difference between buying plants from a supermarket and buying from a reputable plant retailer. It costs a bit more but they’ll be far harder to kill.
  2. Do some research before you get started. For example, choosing the right home for a plant in your space i.e. a sunny vs. shady spot is half the battle of setting up the right environment for it to survive.
  3. Finally a big one that lots of people don’t know is that over-watering is often worse for plants than under-watering. The best way to find out if a plant needs water is to stick your finger in the soil two inches down and feel how dry it is.

What are your best low-maintenance plants?

There are loads of plants out there that are low-maintenance. Everyone is capable of developing their green thumbs and the best way to do it is to start with an easy-to-please plant. There are lots of plants out there that are easy to care for, so to help Patch Plants have put together a handful of some of the most hardy but best looking indoor plants. At Patch Plants they like to call them ‘The Unkillables’.

Want more advice?

Patch Plants offer a free beginners’ Plant Parenting Course, delivered each day by email, covering all of the most common questions and concerns they see in bitesize lessons. Everything from how much to water your plant, to humidity, pet-safe plants, and dealing with bugs. Just head to their website to sign up for the course and get the basics down in no more than 5 minutes per day.

They often see plant owners worry about neglecting their plant, and overcompensate as a result; when they get questions about why a plant is unhealthy the most common reason is actually that it has been overwatered! So don’t kill them with kindness - you’ll be surprised at how resilient your plants are.

If you’ve chosen the right plant for your space, and learned a bit about its natural environment and care needs, you should have plenty of success keeping your plants alive.

You can find all of the amazing courses for plant care here.